Dino Skatepark Teams Up With Live Mic Records

By: Dan – The After Hours Review


Live Mic Records isn’t showing signs of slowing down.  The newest Record Label/Entertainment Collective on the island keeps stacking more and more amazing talent on their roster.  Long Island’s own Dino Skatepark, is the most recent band to join the ride!  Check out our interview with Dino Skatepark below!

Band Members:

Dylan Belpanno – Vocals
Ryan Coreno – Trumpet
Rodrigo Rodriguez – Bari Sax
Conor Franzone – Guitar
Kieran Franzone – Bass
Joe Quinn – Drums


Genre of music you consider yourselves:
Dark Ska!

When/How did Dino Skatepark first begin?:
From a linear time perspective the band began on June 18th 2015, Joe Quinn made a post on Facebook about wanting to start a band. But the current line-up wasn’t really solidified until 2019. 


What/who do you consider influences for Dino Skatepark?
With six of us, we all get pulled in a different direction: 

DYLAN – “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 and Underground 2. Also growing up going to local shows.
RYAN- “Snoop Dogg, but like as a person!
RODRIGO – “Moshing.
CONOR – “Maps, Crocs, and modes of transportation.
KIERAN – “5-Stringed Basses and the New York Islanders.
JOE – “My Dad for teaching me drums from a young age.


What is the inspiration behind the music?  Can you share a little on the writing/recording process
So essentially we just roll 12 sided die and write our riffs based off of that. 

Na honestly, we’ve been writing a lot recently together where we can all bring different elements into the music. This current album we are working on probably has the most collaboration between all combinations of members, really unifying our sound. 

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released?
Definitely either “Green Tea” or “Patchwork.”


If the band could cover any song live, regardless of genre, what would it be?
Another sixer:

RYAN – “2112” by Rush
RODRIGO – “Roo” by Chance the Rapper
CONOR – “679” by Fetty Wap
KIERAN – “No Son of Mine” by Every Time I Die
JOE – “Before I Forget” by Slipknot
*Dylan’s head exploded when the question was presented to him. He’ll miss a turn*


What is your funniest tour memory?
One night during our set where we covered “Savior” by Rise Against, Joe handed the drum sticks over to the show promoter in the middle of the song. The promoter played the rest of the song with us while Joe jumped into the pit off stage. We were pretty confused.


How much do you hate when people pronounce the band name “Deeno Skatepark”?
*Collective Facepalm* There’s literally a dinosaur on most of the albums


You recently joined the Live Mic Records roster.  What about this label made you want to make the jump?
We have been working and solidifying our professional relationship with them for a while now. They really fall inline with our values of lifting up the Long Island music scene and supporting them to reach new heights. This led us to sign and jump off headfirst into the deep end.

What can fans expect from Dino within the coming months?
A single leading up to something much bigger… 😁

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