Jules Walcott & Milrose collab on their upcoming single, LA GIRL

Written By: Emily Foster

With ‘LA GIRL,’ Jules Walcott and Milrose have crafted a hit that perfectly walks the line between as trendy as any one of today’s biggest pop songs, and fresh enough to bring in listeners searching for something new. The sleek production and harmonies highlight the two singers’ complementary voices, who also mesh together well in person. The two stated that the collaboration was seamless and “flowed really well from the start.” ‘LA GIRL’s energetic melodies and danceable beat instantly evokes the feelings of summer romance. Inspired by summer-pop hitmakers Bazzi and Bebe Rexha, their new release highlights the whirlwind of a cross-country relationship, which Walcott and Milrose know about from firsthand experience. After discussing online about working on music together, Milrose sent Walcott the outline for ‘LA GIRL,’ and the collaboration was born.
The first day they met in person, they left the airport and drove straight to the studio to write and record Jules Walcott’s part of the song. Walcott constructed her part on the spot and they finished the track within a couple of hours. The self-described “dark-pop” vocalists bring their expertise to this radio-ready track that’s perfect to be played from your car with the windows down. Walcott and Milrose are looking forward to performing after COVID-19 and meeting with fans, stating that it is more important than ever for artists to find new ways to connect with their audience. They also look forward to making more collaborations together in the future. As the song fades out with the singers ready to “do it all again,” any listener will feel compelled to press repeat.

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Available Everywhere July 17th!

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