Lex Hayley’s newest single, Fast out everywhere now!

By: Emily Foster

Opening with a simple but beautiful chord progression, Lex Hayley crafts with graceful lyricism the relatable story of falling too hard for someone who simply does not feel the same. The chorus admits with stark honesty the harsh realities of a new relationship and the emotions surrounding feeling your heart beginning to break. The track quickly falls into a groove, as the gifted songwriter takes you through her wave of emotions looking at a failed relationship. Hayley does not shy away from admitting her weaknesses and changes her mindset, realizing that “life’s too short to let anyone hold you back from your hopes and dreams, even when you’re heartbroken.” Knowing that in the future, their partner would regret giving up someone who would give them their all, she manages to land on her feet and grow from the relationship.
While deeply personal, Hayley also manages to craft an anthemic, inspiring chorus that will tempt any listener to sing along. The sass in Lex Hayley’s powerful voice contrasts with the stripped down chords. She showcases her vocal prowess, harmonizing with herself throughout the second verse. With its jazzy influences and vibey drum pattern, “Fast” brings a unique edge to breakup songs. This song belongs on any poolside playlist and deserves to be listened to with friends. Now, more than ever, listeners are looking for fresh new artists releasing easygoing, passionate, personal tracks. The rhythmic and heartfelt arrangement of “Fast” guarantees that Lex Hayley has a laid-back summer hit on her hands.

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