Marliii newest single, Lonely In The City and the story behind. .

By: Grace Puy

Have you ever moved to a new place or experienced shifts in your relationships that made you feel alone, despite a myriad of people around you? When I moved into my dorm at Penn State University, a campus with over 40,000 students, it took me a long time to find “my people”, and I constantly felt isolated, even though there were plenty of other students around me to connect with. On her upcoming single “Lonely in the City”, singer and guitarist Marliii captures this feeling precisely. As her debut release with Live Mic Records, the single immediately captures your attention, as Marliii transmits playful vocals meshed with descriptive lyrics about the experience of solitude often felt even when in a big city, such as Marliii’s home of New York.


Lonely in the City’s mildly cynical lyrics are derived from a significant loss from the singer’s own life. Ten years ago, when she was merely in the seventh grade, Marliii began writing the words to the song after her uncle was tragically murdered in the city. In the current times of the coronavirus pandemic, when many are socially distanced from those whom they care about, the song and the truth behind it serve as a poignant reminder to value our moments spent with one another and to look out for each other during trying times. While the song does have a darker motif influencing its lyrics, the driving drum beat and funky guitars allow the song to have an uplifting energy. I am particularly struck by the lyric “You could hate me for saying it, or you can help address the statement.” The intention of Lonely in the City is not to promote wallowing in loneliness; rather, it is to encourage listeners to appreciate every moment and pay more careful consideration to the people around them.


I am so excited for this release, as well as to see what is coming next for Marliii. Fulfilling a dream of hers, Marliii performed at Bamboozle Festival when she was only fifteen, after previously having toured the Northeast and having recorded music in several NYC studios. Marliii took several years away from releasing music to follow her educational pursuits, but was drawn back in after playing at NOS Alive Festival in Lisbon, Portugal on July 13th, 2019. She is now coming back to the music scene in full force, and will surely take the music world by storm. Make sure to take a moment to pre-save Lonely in the City at the link below, and check out @marliiimusic on Instagram to keep up with her work!




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