Nel Souls – “Warning”

We don’t typically write Hip Hop reviews, but Long Island’s own Nel Souls just dropped some heat that you know we had to jump on! Over the past few years, the Hip Hop scene here on the island has been steadily gaining traction as more and more talented rappers have been making themselves known. Nel Souls is one of those rappers that is heavy on my radar. With the release of his new single, “Warning”, Nel Souls is ready to show Long Island that he is here to stay!

Warning” is one of those tracks that you start nodding your head along to instantly. Nel Souls teamed up with Long Island producer, Public, and the beat that was created as a result is insane. You just can’t resist the urge to rock along to the song. If that doesn’t hook you, Nels vocals absolutely will. It is what stands out to me the most on this track. The way Nels is able to deliver his vocals with such a smooth cadence and flow without losing that hard, gritty sound that you anticipate from the beat is masterful.

Nel Souls dropped a bomb on Long Island with this one. He’s coming for the crown and he’s ready to take on any challengers. Like the track says, “I said I warned ya, better come correct…” Who’s ready to take on Nel Souls?!

Warning” is guaranteed to be the anthem of the summer around here! Stream the track on our Spotify playlist: After Hours Review!

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