With her love for packed harmonies and the deep rumble of an 808, Leah Raquel has brought a new warmth to pop music. Releasing her first single, “LA”, in March of 2019, she has gained a local following on Long Island and recently signed with Live Mic Records, just in time to release her second single “Anywhere But Here”. Being an independent artist, Leah has taken to writing her own music, adding a flare of R&B and Soul to her unique, yet smooth pop vocals, and is ready to show the world what’s in her vault.

  • about 1 day agoIm really just not mentally prepared for the fallout/unrest if chauvin is found not guilty. Idk how much my anxiety can take 😭
  • about 2 days agoAHHHHH YES BITCHES (go stream “Every Night” on all platforms!!) https://t.co/wycZSgkXGm https://t.co/o2o7Pw1G0e
  • about 1 week agoI just don’t understand how people can just pick and choose when they believe in science like how does that make sense
  • about 2 weeks agoFriends who support their friends’ projects are the real deal 💪🏼 love y’all to pieces

Leah Raquel