Alexis Hayley Smith, better known as Lex Hayley, is a 22 year old singer from Coram, New York. Lex’s first influence in music was Miley Cyrus, who like Lex, has a very unique, memorable image. As Lex became older, her influences expanded to artists like Bebe Rexha, Toni Romiti, & Ella Mai. Singing was originally a hobby for Lex. Being in both an acapella group and church choir, she learned the fundamentals of singing that she would soon need in her music career. 
 In late 2017, Lex decided to pursue music as a career after being offered to work with rapper Alex Russell. Lex loves to create music that’s relatable, and felt that singing about her previous relationships was a good way to make people feel her music. After releasing two singles in 2018, Lex decided to create an EP titled “Love Ties”, which showed listeners first hand how she dealt with heart break in the past. 
 In fall of 2019, Lex decided to go solo so she can learn the different things about the music industry. One of her very good friends Jules Walcott (Dark Pop Vocalist) helped her along the way with finding her sound more and with music business. In July of 2020, she signed with Live Mic Records which is a local Long Island, New York label that has various artists and genres that includes some of her closest friends.

Lex Hayley