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Subtle As A Shotgun

Release Date : April 17, 2020
Artist : Dino Skatepark

Released in April of 2020, Subtle As a Shotgun is a single by Dino Skatepark that elaborates on the frustrations of facing societal conformity. Vocalist and lyricist Dylan Belpanno explains, “Society just wants to label kids and young adults with different medical issues that they don’t have instead of just accepting them for who they are.”

The six-piece Rock band has crafted a track which dives deeper into their claimed sub-genre of “Dark Ska,” with intense instrumentals, progressive undertones and captivating grooves.

Moving forward from their five-track EP “Patchwork” released in the July of 2019; This single features similar elements from the band’s previous release but overall steps in a different direction with its swift tempo, powerful verses.